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A team of developers, designers and builders of OOO TMK LLC is an innovative and flexible team of professionals who have many years of experience in building houses and accompanying professional knowledge. Over the past four years, the market of Russian cities has seen a growing trend of special requirements for frame-and-panel houses built in the suburbs.

The research centre proceeding from a study of new trends in the low-rise house construction in Western Europe, Australia and America, together with the design department and sales departments created absolutely new frame-panel house series.

3,000 of the best projects were analysed and the climatic features of the temperate climate of Russia taken into account.

Each design of a house is designed for a certain number of residents and the composition of a family by age. In creating instead of the usual restrictions of a house by area, the frame-and-panel house designs began to be described by the ‘level of comfort at home’.

The level of comfort of a wooden house, also in Kaliningrad, has been more often determined by the interrelation of such factors as the room space coefficient and room composition. For that reason, we are convinced that you will definitely find a ready-made frame-panel house design that will suit your lifestyle and individual wishes for comfort.

If you consider your future house to be an exclusive one, our design and architectural departments will develop for you an individual frame house design for Kaliningrad, Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk and other towns of the Kaliningrad region that will satisfy all your possibilities and desires.