The gated community in the village of Kholmogorovka, Kaliningrad region.

Land plots for the gated community development in the village of Kholmogorovka


Natural gas
To ensure access to natural gas, it is planned to establish a gas distribution point and build gas distribution networks throughout the sector.

For power supply, it is planned to build a power substation and a distribution network.

Road network
To reach the land plots, an internal road network is arranged. All roads are performed in a dense base.

Regarding the purchase of land plots for development contact:
Address: Kaliningrad, 45/51 Krasnoselskaya Street, 236010,
Tel/Fax:+7 (4012) 21-77-04, 21-94-66, 33-20-20

Regarding house construction contact:
Kaliningrad, Kholmogorovka village, 1 Lesoparkovaya Street.
+7(4012) 697-097, 697-098