Cement-bonded particle boards

Cement-bonded particle boards in Kaliningrad are monolithic plats with a thickness of 10-36 mm with a smooth, hard surface, used in the dry-mounting technology.

Cement-bonded particle boards known on the market under the brand name CBPB belong to a new generation of building materials. CBPB are manufactured by pressing a moulded mixture consisting of coniferous wooden chips, Portland cement, mineral substances and water.


CBPB have a number of undeniable advantages when used in pre-fabricated structures, which are subject to stringent requirements like high strength, moisture resistance, sound-proofness, fire safety, environmental friendliness and hygienic harmlessness and resistance to atmospheric agents.

The tests carried out show that CBPB for a long time have withstood unfavorable weather conditions. By using CBPB performed is:

  • finishing of houses and buildings;
  • interior finishing of dry and damp premises;
  • repair, refurbishment and restoration works



The CBPB composition as a percentage of the total mass is as follows:


The board is a solid material. Dust liberation, emission of gas and vapour from boards is impossible in connection with mineralisation of the contained substances and applied production technology.

The key properties of CBPB are:

  • Ecological cleanliness, e.g. absence of any harmful impurities, phenol, asbestos and formaldehyde resins.
  • Workability similar to that of wood (with higher strength).).
  • Fire resistance and fire safety;
  • Frost resistance.
  • Biostability: resistance to termites, fungi, insects and rodents.
  • Suitable for use both inside and outside residential and utility premises.
  • Variety of surface finish, e.g. painting, plastering, facing with ceramic tiles, wood, plastic etc.
  • Suitability for use in all climatic areas.
  • Airborne noise insulation index 30dB.

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