The German word ‘Fachwerk’ originates from the words ‘Fach’ or panel, section and ‘Werk’ meaning a structure. Fachwerk is a frame technology for the construction of houses, which includes a rigid massive wooden frame and various materials as a filling of its openings. The origin of the houses dates back to Medieval Germany. Subsequently, Fachwerk became popular throughout Europe. Until now, half-timbered buildings that are more than 500 years old have been preserved.т.


Accuracy, quality, experience

The TMK Kaliningrad company has had more than 10 years of experience in the design and production of half-timbered houses made of the glued wood structures. The house elements are made on high-precision woodworking machines Hundegger K2 (Germany).

The timber passes triple control, when entering the warehouse, after drying and before gluing, when unacceptable defects are removed.

Drying the raw materials in special chambers to the required humidity level of 10±2% saves the wood from any fungus and insects and prevents their appearance during operation.

Our own laboratory tests reference samples for compliance with Russian and European standards.

Every year since 2000, the production technology as well as wooden glued structures have been certified by the respected German institute Otto-Graf-Institut, which allows the company to build houses on the basis of glued wood not only in Russia but also Europe.


For the manufacture of wooden elements of a half-timbered house, the environmentally friendly Ural spruce and Siberian larch are used. Trees that grow in the northern regions are distinguished by a special density and fineness of the rings. Due to the harsh climatic conditions, trees grow more slowly than in the southern regions, and the wood turns out to be cleaner, healthier, stronger, more dense and durable. Sometimes it is called ‘iron’ wood.



The wooden frame of a half-timbered house carries all the load, so the openings between the posts can be filled of a variety of materials, like stone, brick, blocks, glued beams, panels with mineral wool insulation and modern double-glazed windows. A wide selection of materials gives freedom in choosing the finish of a house, and hence its final exterior.


The architecture of a half-timbered house has its own style that is not similar to anything. The wooden frame, usually painted in a dark colour, visually divides the light walls into many fragments of various shapes and makes a half-timbered house easily recognisable. The technology makes it possible to create glued beams with a large cross-section and up to 12 m in length, which opens up ample opportunities for designing large-span rooms and implementing the most daring design ideas. Half-timbering is great for building not only individual dwellings but also public buildings.



Half-timbered houses bear the image of a house with a respectable and colourful history, and attract people who prefer houses in an unusual architectural style. The wooden frame deliberately uncovered by a decoration creates a feeling of stability, security and splendour of the structure; and the walls of materials of various types and colours satisfy all sort of stylistic tastes and preferences of the owners.