Sergey Olkhowsky

Haben eine kleine Sauna nach dem Projekt BB—15-1-47 bestellt. Ein Monat später kam ein Team aus Facharbeitern, die uns die Sauna in nur 5 Tagen errichteten. Danke.

Sergey Olkhowsky

Stanislav Vershinsky

Originally I was going to build a bathhouse of logs, we went with my family on the seaside and saw the sign TAMAK house construction and decided to come on the way back.

On the way back I called to the office, where the company managers told me about the advantages of the glued beams and then decided to order a bathhouse.


I left the design for calculation, a week later I got it and went to order the set and sign the contract. Literally a month later the set was made and was already on the way to my land, they assembled it fairly quickly and qualitatively.

I am rather happy with the result.


Stanislav Vershinsky.

The Nazarovs’ family

When it came to construction, we called one company, another one, then TMK KALININGRAD. After talking with a company manager, who told everything in detail and gave good advice, it was not necessary to call anyone else, the choice was made. Of course, we did not regret it at all. In the TMK KALININGRAD company there are real masters, they did everything quickly, accurately and, surprisingly, beautifully, although the design was not a typical one. Therefore, we would like to express special thanks and gratitude to the company. The bath turned out just super.

Sincerely, Nazarovs’ family

Review by Andrey Kazio Andriauskas

Feedback on the work of the company 27 April 2016.


superior quality and geometry of the material, the logistics and material packaging at a decent level. Polite and responsive skilled specialists, the company employees. Professionals in their field!

Anna Kruglova.

I would like to thank you for the work done! Especially I would like to express particular gratitude to TAMAK for the quality, which left us with the most pleasant impressions. I would like to note the professional approach to work and efficiency in the construction of a bath. The guys are very friendly, cultured, and we are very glad that we had the team because the results surpassed all our expectations. It was very pleasant to deal with real professionals. We wish prosperity and rapid development to your business.

Anna Kruglova.

Victoria, Arkhon project