Structural elements


1. Design

2. HEAT INSULATION of the frame-and-panel houses in Kaliningrad

The data are calculated for an external air temperature of -28 °c.

The thermal performance complies with SNiP 23-02-2003 Buildings Heat Insulation.

Due to the use of excellent thermal insulation materials in your house, your heating costs will be minimal.

Energy conservation issues are very relevant for any family; according to experts, the stocks of all types of fossil fuels are rapidly declining, and, consequently, heating costs for houses in Kaliningrad are increasing.

The house operation efficiency in Kaliningrad can also be indicated by the fact that for heating the house you have to pay two times less than for a similar sized brick house. To achieve the thermal insulation comparable with our standards using conventional brickwork, the thickness of the external brick wall should be at least 1.5 m (for the European regions of Russia).

The specific heat consumption per square metre of the house area is 1.8 times less than in brick houses, and 1.5 times less than in houses made of the keramzite concrete structures.

It should be noted that good thermal insulation protects not only against low temperatures but also high temperatures.

3.Reliability of houses

Надёжность домов Таблица

Length 8.4 m, span 4.0 м, load 9,302 kg or 900 kg/m2 above the standard by 2-5 times

Testing hollow structures with one-side lining made of the cement-bonded particle board of 12 mm. Two fixing points for a suspended shelf, weight 387 kg.

The reinforced bearing panel design and the methods for connecting it with the foundation developed in cooperation with the V.A. Kucherenko Central Research Institute of Building Constructions successfully applied by TMK in the construction of various facilities.

4.Fire safety

Frame-and-panel structures belong to the fourth degree of fire resistance (the class of structural fire hazard of building C2). At additional measures, the fire resistance of structures can be upgraded to the third degree (REI60, the class of structural fire hazard of building C0), which allows erecting buildings of up to three floors inclusive, and also provide a maximum built-up density between buildings of 6 m.


Cement-bonded particle boards represent a group of flame-retardant and non-spread fire materials. Mineral wool boards belong to the group of non-combustible building materials and serve as an obstacle to the spread of fire. When exposed to fire, structures do not emit any toxic gases and vapours.

5. INTERIOR FINISHES of home in Kaliningrad

The technology refers to the dry installation of a house in Kaliningrad, the advantages of which are the absence of any construction waste and ‘wet’ processes during installation and finishing of premises. No additional costs for levelling the surfaces of walls, ceilings or floors.

You get a house in Kaliningrad with the correct geometry of the room, smooth and dry walls, floor and ceiling, ready for the finish coat. At the factory, various types of wall materials are attached to the load-bearing frame of the house:

  1. Cement-bonded particle boards (CBPB) form an environmentally friendly and smooth wall surface with an increased strength compared to gypsum plasterboard cladding. It is more suitable for those who prefer vinyl, non-woven, glass-wallpaper or decorative plaster.
  2. Gypsum plasterboards (GPB). They provide great opportunities for decorating interiors. However, they have a lower strength and moisture resistance than cement-bonded particle boards.
  3. CBPB + GPB are for those who would like to maintain higher strength of wall coating, increase their fire resistance and at the same time provide more decorating options.
  4. Wooden cladding of a house increases the possibilities for interior design of the rooms in the house due to the ease of attaching it to the frame of the walls.
  5. EXTERIOR FINISH of a house

Sometimes, in order to emphasise the architectural expressiveness of a house, there need to be used a variety of facade materials, and you should be able to combine them harmoniously. The technology is unique in that it allows using various types of exterior decoration