Hurrah!!!! We built, built and finally completed!!!!

Good evening, Today, it is a significant and joyful day for my family, our summer house was connected to gas!

Our construction is completed!

There is still the last battle over the exterior decoration of the house but it will be next year, and now we are almost ready for all the surprises associated with the construction. During the construction, my husband and I gained a lot of experience, there were unpleasant moments and difficulties that TAMAK employees helped us solve.

Now, looking back, I would like to share my experience with those who are just going to build a house, and express gratitude to the company!

How did it all start?

In our family there are two children, we live in the city, and we would like our children are raised in nature so that immunity can be strengthened over summer. We have no grandmothers in the village, so we decided to build a dacha. We began to look for a small house design but the appetite comes while eating, and eventually we came to a small house with all the amenities; to complete the house of the year-round residence, it was necessary to add only heating. We thought for a long time, chose and decided to build a TAMAK house; bought a package from the company; for the assembly they invited a team not from the company to make it cheaper. Then some complications started to come.

Firstly, we waited for several weeks, when the team would be free, luckily, the company agreed to leave the package for storage. On the first day of installation, the team was several hours late. We had to pay for a simple crane. The house was assembled rather quickly but almost a month was spent with the roof, although at the company we were given terms of up to 2 weeks. Today, it is quite unpleasant to recall that mess, which was left inside the house and outside on the site. It took two weeks to take out garbage.

We began to decorate the interior in spring. When the internal walls were lined with imitation of a beam, some wiring was interrupted in several places, it was realised after the completion of finishing; so, I had to disassemble the walls somewhere, somewhere to power the sockets through the street. The ladder was assembled by ignoring the drawings, with a lot of mistakes. As a result, we invited a professional from the company who corrected what can be fixed, but it was impossible to eliminate squeaking. It turns out that it was necessary to use a sealant for all the parts, so that wooden elements are not in contact with each other.

It was rather unpleasant for us that we had to imbed a big ventilation pipe into the wall. Initially, the tank was separate in the kitchen but because of the small size we decided to combine the kitchen and living room. The builders of the hired team did not mention that it was a great mistake. It turned out that a gas boiler should be in a separate room because the diameter of the ventilation pipe is calculated from the volume of the cubic capacity of the room. Now we have a huge ventilation pipe embedded into the wall with a diameter of 25 cm, I have never seen it elsewhere! Recently we had to solve one more problem, when the gas pipe was embedded into the wall, we were warned that it was not recommended to touch the supporting frame. Perhaps, that is the only restriction in frame-panel houses. So, the professionals made a hole for the pipe right in the frame by cutting it completely. Many thanks to the designer of the TAMAK factory Maia Frolova! The staff did not neglect our misfortune, worked out various options and figured out how to fix the situation. The TAMAK team removed the external lining of the panel and supplied an additional supporting beam inside the panel, and attached the lining back. Thanks to the workers of TANAKmontazh! Then, during the vacation we studied all the videos and instructions on the company’s website joint seam sealing and made all ourselves. Thus, it saved us a lot of money.

Despite all the difficulties, we could move to the summer house in the second half of summer; of course, there was no hot water because there was no gas supply yet but that minor issue could not spoil our feeling of freedom due to the life outside the city and in nature. Beyond words, it is so difficult to describe a sense of calmness that embraces you when you go out into the street in the morning and meet a new day with the singing birds and drops of dew. Real freedom! We spent all our time in the open air, at night we studied the sky, for the first time, in my life I saw the milky way, meteor shower and a falling star. The family teamed up, became friends, and our children absolutely did not want to leave. Now, when gas is connected, we are going to spend all weekends at the summer house.

I look forward to the New Year holidays, I will decorate our Christmas tree right in front of the house!!!

Our house is excellent, in summer it is cool on the first floor; as a matter of principle, we do not set air conditioners because of the children; on the second floor in the rooms facing the sunny side, the air heats up more, but it cools down quickly; besides, we found an excellent option, namely we decided to install sun blinds (I saw in a store the ready-made structure, it is very inexpensive). The house warms up very quickly.

In the end I would like to advise

to have your own house outside the city meaning that you have your own nest where you enjoy the peace of mind and generate your strength;

to work only with the official representatives of the manufacturer, and in the end it will be better and cost less.

“It is better to work with one contractor by the end of construction, before connecting gas, then there is someone to be responsible for.”

If all is done by one team, then it knows what it will have to be responsible for and what needs to be provided so that there are no problems at the following stage.

I forgot about the windows, that is one more our mistake. We installed wide windows from one sheet to have a good view. As a result, we can open them only from above, because opening sideways is not easy, they occupy a lot of space and sag due to gravity.

Think about all the details in advance, I recommend having a separate furnace room. Good luck to all!!!!

Thanks to TAMAK for the excellent house. Thank you for helping us solve our problems! Thank you!

Sincerely, Diana

Sergey Chervev

The TMK Kaliningrad company received a feedback concerning the constructed house PD-70-K-87 in the Kaliningrad region.


As far as the house design is concerned, it is a very convenient lay-out. With a modest total area (89 sq. m) we got 3 bedrooms, a kitchen-living room and a spacious bathroom. The house can warm up quickly. There is a lot of natural light. You can save finishing materials due to the evenness of walls and corners.

As far as the company’s performance is concerned, we are very pleased with the willingness to set up a meeting when there are any questions or problems, even after the final calculations. It has never been so that they do not pick up the phone or fail to respond to a missed call.


As far as the house design is concerned, we were confused by the fact that the doors open inwards. Given the small width of the living room, a lot of space is wasted and furniture placement options are limited. In our opinion, it would be more convenient and ergonomic to make sliding doors. It was in our house that the ceilings were badly assembled, they were unstable, and you had to rearrange them before finishing.

As far as the company’s performance is concerned, there was only one disappointing aspect, when the delivery of the house was delayed, nobody named the true reason for a long time, although the excuse was more than reasonable. When assembling the roof, there were also difficulties but that concerned the contractor to a greater extent.

Alexey Yegorov

25 years is not a term, and a distance is not a barrier

Today, April 13, 2016, we are visiting the family of Alexey Yegorov in the city of Kotovsk, Tambov region.

This story began when Alexey came to ZAO TAMAK JSC a month ago to buy cement-bonded particle boards for the manufacture of beds. In a conversation with the seller, he said that, it turned out, he had luckily become the owner of a frame-panel house produced by our factory. An unusual thing about that was the fact that the house was made in 1991 by KPD (the enterprise TAMAK originated from), was assembled in the village of Borshchevka of the Tambov region, and in 2002 it was dismantled, transported to the city of Kotovsk and reassembled.

‘The house is super. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. During last summer I switched the air conditioner only three times. I do not pay much for utilities. The amount for the house in winter is only four thousand, although the house space is 115 metres. By the way, I already built a garage and sheathed it with cement-bonded particle boards’.

The Lavrovs’ family

‘For a long time we planned to build a house outside the city with my wife but did not really know what to start with. We decided to visit all construction companies; most of all we liked how we were treated in the Vyatka Forest. Thanks to the manager Svetlana, we talked with her for 2 hours, found out what to look for when choosing a design. Then we went to see some finished houses and finally chose the frame-and-panel technology. The house on a turnkey basis was cheaper than a three-room apartment in Samara. At the same time, they assembled it for 2 weeks + foundation filling. During that time, we found some furniture for our nest. Now we are waiting for spring to build a bathhouse. There will never be a question what construction company to choose.

The Lavrovs’ family’

Sincere appreciation for the timeliness and high quality of work, E. Yarmilko

Dear friends,

Please accept my thanks and sincere gratitude for the timeliness and high quality in the performance of the order, a frame-and-panel house set of the design PD-90-4-92 №02474-07/15.

The house set was ordered by me on May 18 of this year with the desired completion, end of July. In the course of the works, at my request, you supplemented the design with a hatch in the basement plinth having executed it in the indicated place of the panel, and also made a ladder for the attic floor. As a result, thanks to your efforts, the house set and staircase were manufactured, approved by the Quality Control Dept and prepared for shipment on July 30.

In the course of receiving and installing the house set, I was pleasantly surprised by:

  1. High production culture and careful packaging methods, quality of packaging and marking of the order.
  2. Excellent quality of the accompanying documentation for the house set. Inventory of packages and the album of drawings did not raise any questions during the acceptance of the set, nor during its subsequent assembly.
  3. Complete set of structural elements, fasteners and necessary materials during the assembly of the house.

The high quality and accuracy of the production of the floor panels and walls made it possible to assemble the basic structures of the house within seven working days.

Special appreciation should be addressed for active participation and assistance in organising the work to your official representative in the Kursk region Alexander Shesteryakov. At all stages, from the choice of a house design to its construction, all the arising questions were solved quickly and constructively.

Many thanks. I wish the company staff more creative and productive successes.

Kind regards,


Olga Matveeva


A year has passed since the beginning of the installation of our beloved house.

I hasten to share my impressions and the work done.

We are very happy with the construction.

Since we are busy working, we can deal with any construction issues only on weekends and holidays. Nevertheless, we managed to do quite a lot.

After thinking carefully, we decided to start making the arrangements outside the next season including all the buildings that I asked you to do in May.

Since the beginning of the construction summer season we have made all the engineering connections:

  • sewage (a septic tank and internal piping);
  • water supply (outdoor and indoor);
  • heating (the electric boiler Vaillant, very intelligent as it turned out);
  • a fence around the land perimeter.

We keep remembering you with great gratitude. We really like it all. We did not make a mistake by choosing TAMAK. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Olga Matveeva