The architecture of our frame houses meets all the essential points, like stylish, fashionable and beautiful

  • The microclimate of our wooden houses means it is warm when; it is fresh when cold, it is comfortable and cool when hot
  • The layout and interior of frame houses is Modern – Spacious – Well-Thought-Out
  • The installation, dismantling, finishing, extension or redevelopment will be Fast-Dry-Handy
  • Operation: Reliable – Save – Cost-Effective
  • Place and time of installation: From South (+60°C) to North (-50°C) – on all soils – any time of the year

A TMK house is something that you want to leave as a gift to children and grandchildren.

A country wooden house in Kaliningrad is a lifestyle based on the values of a healthy family.

A high-quality house means a family seat, healthy living and a guardian of tradition.

Due to the thoughtfulness of every detail, the TMK wooden houses are comfortable, practical and functional. A design takes into account even such minor things as:

  • whether the entry door of a wooden house in Kaliningrad opens to the left or to the right, outside or inside;
  • illumination intensity and layout of the sleeping and day areas,
  • correspondence of the sizes and forms of premises to a person’s specific way of life,
  • convenience of moving inside the house etc.


The ‘ready-made house’ structures in Kaliningrad are designed for the fast erection of one-, two- and three-floor buildings intended for residential as well as administrative and office purposes and, of course, various in terms of layout and size.

Convenience and speed of installation, reliability, effective thermal insulation, a variety of facade finishes, seismic stability, long service life have secured recognition by thousands of customers in many regions of Russia for TMK houses.

In developing new designs of frame houses, glued beam houses, the most interesting European and American solutions were analysed. Both regional and national peculiarities of Russia and foreign countries are taken into account.

Wooden TMK ready-made houses in Kaliningrad allow the use of more styles in the interior design; it is an ideal platform for eclecticism, i.e. combining 2-3 styles in harmony with the room space and house architecture.


In the TMK houses, a reasonable combination has been achieved between thermal insulation, steam and air permeability of walls thus having a positive effect on human health.

Our house building technology provides the most effective and at the same time the most economical and environmentally friendly thermal insulation, helps maintain the optimum level of temperature and humidity inside the room.

A mineral wool heat insulator, the special interfacing units of the house elements, airtight windows provide significant energy savings to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house. Therefore, it is cool in summer in the house, and in winter, it is dry and warm in wet or rainy weather..


Environmental friendliness

In an effort to maximize the thermal insulation of structures, we have preserved the main value of the house, its environmental friendliness. All elements of the house design are made of natural raw materials, such as wood and cement, and the insulator is made of gabbro and basalt rocks.


The technology is unique in that it makes it possible to build houses for several days more durable and at the same time lighter than stone ones. The finished structure provides seismic stability of houses up to 6 points. The special measures, including those on the foundation, provide seismic stability up to 9 points. The estimated life of upkeep of the house is 70 years*.

Fire safety**

The wooden TMK ready-made houses belong to Fire Resistance Class IV. In case of additional measures, the fire resistance of structures can be upgraded to Class III (REI 60). The cement-bonded particle boards used for wind-, waterproofing and for giving the structure of additional rigidity belong to the group of fire-resistant and not spreading fire ones. The mineral wool board belongs to the group of non-combustible building materials and is used as an obstacle to the spread of fire. When exposed to fire, houses do not emit any toxic gases or vapours.


External and internal sheathing of cement-bonded particle boards, mineral wool board ISOROC belong to the class of the increased biostability materials. These materials are not affected by any insects or rot. All the elements of the wooden frame undergo drying in industrial chambers under special conditions thus giving the sawn timber additional biostability and improving the processing characteristics.

*When the foundation is covered with iron-concrete slabs in Kaliningrad, Gurievsk, Sovetsk, Chernyakhovsk and other towns of the region and the exterior facing of the house with brick, cladding, siding etc., and also in compliance with the installation and operation rules.

**At the customer’s request, the frame of the wooden house in Kaliningrad is impregnated with fire retardants and antiseptics.