CBPB processing


Cement-bonded particle boards (CBPB) cutting in Kaliningrad


At the customer’s request, boards can be cut in size in the factory. If there is a need to cut a board at the place of mounting, it is recommended to use a cutting tool with hard alloy soldering.

In order for the trimmed edges to look perfect, the saw blade protrusion from the lower surface side should be minimal


Rotational speed 3,000-22,000 rpm

Attention! When cutting boards, a large amount of dust is produced, so it is necessary to use dust-exhaust and aspiration systems.

Drilling CBPB in Kaliningrad


According to the customer documentation in the factory, drilling through holes with grooves for screw heads can be performed. To drill holes manually, use:

  • drills with a tip made of hard alloy with increased wear resistance,
  • drilling tools with electronic speed control.



Shaping CBPB in Kaliningrad


It is recommended to shape TAMAK CBPB in the factory. However, if the features of the use of board require their milling or shaping directly on site, then the following recommendations should be observed:

Attention! It is necessary to provide dust extraction from the milling/shaping area.



Grinding CBPB in Kaliningrad

TAMAK CBPB have a smooth surface, so they are not grinded at the factory. Moreover, such processing of the whole board disrupts the upper coating layer and opens the board structure, increases its water absorption leading to a deterioration in the physical and mechanical properties.

At the same time, in practice, when installing boards in the junction areas, local irregularities, which should be removed by grinding, may occur.

For this purpose, manual grinding tools are used, such as a manual vibration grinder and a manual belt sanding machine. The grain number of the grinding paper (cloth) should be in the range of No.16 to No.25.

Attention! When grinding boards, it is necessary to use industrial vacuum cleaners and other means for removing dust.